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Read this and then read it again.... just shows how ignorant people are.

Medical Marijuana: A simple, dried herb is illegal. Yet when a multinational drug company uses it in addition to other substances in order to mass market it, it's legal.

Learn your Bible.... Loving God you say?!?! I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I the Lord do all these things. (Isaiah 45) Learn your Bible people!!!!

Have they even read that book they like to pretend is true? The bible, creating atheists, one by one as they see the truth.

It helps, but it's not essential. Not at all. Wars happen all the time without a religious struggle. Usually people are fighting over power and resources. Although the idea of an afterlife for those who fight has always been a big motivator in getting people to kill other people...

Religion-You Can't Start A War Without It

Hum I have to think this one through. Raking my brain to find a non religion non ideology war.Maybe WWI?

Practically everything is a metaphor in the Bible, it doesn't take science to tell us that

Unless science disproves it. Then it's a metaphor. the lamest cover up ever!

Definitely food for thought. I feel like there's a long line of question and answer because of this observation.

Only an atheist would believe this garbage. faith does not stop you from going though hard times it gives you the strength to get though them. we can help others even when we are going though our own hard time.