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This is how I feel! LOL except with a Herbalife shake!!

All the other girls want to do is wear stilettos and drink martinis.I'm over here all, "Just give me a protein shake and some Nikes.

Disney Workout Motivation. Get fit & feel amazing like your favorite Disney characters :)

Disney Workout Motivation Healthy workout fitness lose weight get in shape.Make one with Jasmine on it and I'd wear that as a shirt all day!

New Attitude

Got your beast mode on, Sarah ? That's pretty beast. Me too. How beast is that that we both have our beast modes on? We're beast.

Derby Girl Anthem..omg true statement

My quads are one fire funny quotes workout quote workout quotes exercise quotes quads alicia keys haha leg day

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Workouts are easy. The real challenges are faced in the kitchen. This is so true for me!