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Patchwork dress

Inspiration: Full Length Patchwork Skirt in Blues and Browns damselinthisdress - Clothing on ArtFire

17th century working class

My Dream Wardrobe

(Last updated on 22 December I fantasize about having a lavish historical wardrobe of clothing I like and that works with my figure. This is my dream historical wardrobe.

Lose the hood and this becomes a very elegant dress for an Alderaanian woman, or maybe a Dahnashi

wish list fashion for grimm and fairy elf style woodland lovers , and hippie , pagan and medieval style lovers will be drooling right now .the fairy her owl

Every day clothes for when Natalya is at one of her centers. by ~myfairygodmother on deviantART  -- I love this dress/outfit!

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Quiver, velvet bodice, pink skirt, voluminous sleeves, LARP garb

"Archeress" Dress - medieval dress renaissance clothing :: I'm really liking the rose-colored linen::

fantasy, fairytale, forest, maiden, Greensleeves Medieval Elven Forest Maiden Dress by Wyrdcraft

trasladándome en el tiempo...

Gypsy-style leather lace-up top and fabric floor-length skirt with leather-braided belt.

Vixen Skirt is perfect as an outer skirt o' by itself fer the free sprited wench.•It has beautiful embroidered design at waitline and along bottom edge of skirt

Vixen Skirt

Vixen Skirt – Pirate Fashions - Layer two of them, burgundy and saffron gold on top of the black doxie petticoat.

Green hooded dress of celtic design

medieval renaissance ELVEN FAIRY dress custom by camelot costumes, this would be a great fair dress or Halloween costume for my lady