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Dr. Steven Greer : Different ET Life Forms  Watch , Understand , Share Care  I AM LOVE , LIGHT & TRUTH

After researching the ET subject for 6 months I realized Steven Greer was the guy with the answers.

Dr. Steven Greer: dozens of species of ETs are benevolent and eager to make Contact

Steven Greer: Dozens Of Benevolent ET Species Are Here, Eager To Make Contact April 2015 Extraterrestrials

Dr. Steven Greer interviewed by the Health Ranger: The cosmic FALSE FLAG - YouTube

As part of our ongoing effort to explore our universe and seek answers to really big questions, we recently interviewed Dr. Steven Greer, M. Greer, a p.

Steven Greer Claims to Have Discovered Tiny Alien Humanoid, Unveiled in Sirius - TechEBlog

Steven Greer Claims to Have Discovered Tiny Alien Humanoid, Unveiled in Sirius.

COVERT SCIENCE-The Tall Whites(Pt.1).When Charles Hall’s wife found diaries of his experiences encountering ETs as a USAF weather observer during the 1960s, she was stunned.  She convinced him to rewrite them as novels, and so the ‘Millennium Hospitality’ series began. In the 1st book, we see what a fearful, denial-filled life Hall led. He was never briefed before, during, or after his extraordinary encounters, though his USAF superiors knew about & encouraged them. “We close our…

This group is dedicated to ufology and anything to do with extraterrestrials, UFOs, flying saucers, abductions, and so on.

This is the biggest alien documentary in the history of extraterrestrial research, and contains the most military and high intelligence testimony.


To know what you don't know > 8fact!

These unknown signals were first discovered by Nicola Tesla. He was thoroughly convinced that he was listening to aliens.