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[GIFSET] 1x17 Hell House

"Do you ever watch season 1 and just cry because they have no idea? My friend just started watching Season One and she told me "If I didn't know better, I would say Dean dies, but there are nine seasons, so he can't.

Wow...I never put this together! hahaha makes it even better!

hahahahahaha Of course Cas learned it from his brother! :D loooool

Obsession? What obsession? John, now HE had an.... you're right.

I like the fact that the second time you would say I know, you would turn and directly, intensely stare at them just like Jensen has demonstrated for us.

Ha ha!! Xxx

Ha ha!! Xxx

"Dude, I barely have any skin left on my palm!" "I'm not touching that line with a ten foot pole."

I just realised that sam's laugh was true.this episode was in the beginning of spn. Sam lost this adorable laugh during the seasons.this is one of the saddest things in the show

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LOL I can totally imagine Dean Winchester flying down a road in winter with salt spraying out the back

brotherly love....

Some people say that the winchesters brotherly love is one sided, but really Sam would do anything for Dean and his worst fear is his brother disowning him Him being dead or nothing to his brother😭 Nope that's not my heart lying on the floor

There's no place like home...

[SET OF GIFS] What Is and What Should Never Be. **Headcanon: He and Lorelai Gilmore (from 'Gilmore Girls') would be chums, what with all the pop culture references they make**