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This is the second class of How to write auspicious Chinese characters. It covers the rest basic strokes and several common characters.

看 (kàn) means to see and shows a hand 手 (shǒu) shielding the eye 目 (mù) from the sun. 着 (zhe) is a particle used to show that an action is in progress. The 羊 (yáng) radical replaces the hand 手 (shǒu) in this character but their slanted position make them look similar.  How do you remember 看 (kàn) and 着 (zhe)? Share your ideas with us!  #writtenchinesebigrams #writtenchinesedictionary hanzi #learnchinesecharacters #learnchinese #chinesedictionary #china #vocab #learning #studychinese…

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