Chat  أشوف  بعينى  ريال فضه أتخض  حتة  دين  خضه يوقع  فى  إيدى ألقاه  صدّى لا دهب حاش نحسنا؛ و لا فضه فضها ! فضها ! فضه ! فضه من  لى  بحظ  النائمين  بحفرةٍ   قامت  على  أحجارها  الصلواتُ و يقال:  هذا  القُطبُ  بابُ  المصطفى   و وسيلةٌ  تُقضى  بها  الحاجاتُ ماهو حبيى دا دلعه يدنن إنقول لَه كلمه يقول لى يحنن. يا مصرى كسك هوسنى. فضلت أعيش فى قلوب الناس (أم كلثوم) فضلت أنيك فى الاكساس. إن الله لا يستحى. إن الله لا يستحى أن يضرب مثلا منيكةً و ما  عليها. إه !  مش قلت لى:  احشد القوات فى شرم الشيخ…

Cat Spraying No More - How to Stop Cats From Urinating Outside the Litterbox!

Two weekends ago, I spent almost the whole weekend on the couch listening to Conference . I enjoy it because I get to sit for basically 8 un.

Yes! Disney coloring pages. For a nostalgic day :)  I think this is more for me than any child :p

Free Printable disney jiminy cricket christmas coloring pages for print out cartoon disney jiminy cricket christmas coloring pages for preschool


Acadian Glass Art is a production studio for stained glass art. We can help you with all your stained glass needs, supplies, finished products, or help with your own designs.

I would love to make these with kids!!  Would be great for back to school of end of year!!

End of Year Gift - Silhouette. Make these for each student. put my own words for the student inside. give as an end of the year gift to encourage and inspire student throughout the summer.

printable tree template | Update: The Giving Thanks Tree Template Now Available | The JumpStart ...

Tree Template Great LARGE tree template for fall art projects. I use it for my torn paper fall trees