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Megs and Toast : Photo

Some warmups of my D&D character Lady Sugarsnap (halfling druid!), since I’m starting a new game where my friend Pat is the DM. Looking forward to exploring the town of Ja Rule.

Obnoxious chibi siblings

YCH- Auction "Sitting on you" SB: 300 / 3 USD AB: 1500 / 15 USD Can be any species as long as it is humanoid and/or fits the base, anthros are fine too^^ Bidding will end after AB'ed or 24 hours af.

Draw the squad / Draw your OTP >> oikawa x iwaizumi, bokuto x akaashi, kuroo x tsukiyama (all haikyuu)

Puba²⁴'s photos

Puba²⁴'s photos