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funny quotes wake up in a pool of my own blood is that how you want to end yours this is hilarious

Today at school my daughter was being harassed by a boy. After she told him to stop multiple times, he didn't. She gave him a bloody nose. She's in trouble with the school. Guess who got an ice cream.

I did this to a girl in grade but I left a hand print on her faceTap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

& This is why you ask questions before acting like a total elitist fucktard.

"show him your fucking BADGE!!"

XD So a farmer is going about his business. The big mean DEA officer wants to check for illegal plants. Farmer tries to be nice, but DEA officer is too in love with his badge. The bull would probably love to see it.

Normally I don't repin things like this even if I think they're funny but this one got the better of me! Sorry if anyone finds it distasteful :O

15 Incredibly B*tchy Texts Your Period Would Send You

Yep Aunt Flow is definitely that bitch😂 - Incredibly B*tchy Texts Your Period Would Send You"

This older lady at work kept [staring] at me for like five minutes, finally she came over and said "You look like my future daughter in law" gave me a picture of her son with his number and walked away

“And this... this is Alexa, but we want to stay away from that lazy asshat”

Funny pictures about If you were described in a novel. Oh, and cool pics about If you were described in a novel. Also, If you were described in a novel.

Someone from Colnbrook, England, GB posted a whisper, which reads "I bet you 159588837 that you didn't read the number completely. And I bet you you didn't noticed it had a letter in it. You went to check it and I was messing with you, I want my like"

haha i shouldn't have laughed as hard as i did...mainly bc I am loving the last one.

‘Grey’ or ‘Gray’?

Funny pictures about 'Grey' or 'Gray'? Oh, and cool pics about 'Grey' or 'Gray'? Also, 'Grey' or 'Gray'?