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Global mosaic of Mars showing the dark basaltic Syrtis Major Planus region made from Viking Orbiter images.

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You can see Jupiter without a telescope at night. Jupiter has clouds. Jupiter has rings around it. Jupiter is larger than Earth.

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Mars the Warrior

Mars: Closest Approach 2007 The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope took this close-up of the red planet Mars when it was just 88 million kilometers away.

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Mars´da Hayat Olduğuna Dair Kanıtlar & 18 Bin Alem ve Yaşayanlar

Mars. How beautiful Mars looks. It almost looks like a root vegetable, all bathed in red dirt.

How beautiful Mars looks. It almost looks like a root vegetable, all bathed in red dirt.

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Original text: DEM of Mars rendered with Using the MRO MOLA 128 pix/deg elevation dataset overlayed with satellite imagery from the Celestia Motherlode. Elevations are exaggerated to enhance the visibility of terrain features. / by Kevin Gill


The hemispheric view of Venus, as revealed by more than a decade of radar investigations culminating in the Magellan mission, is centered at 270 degrees east longitude. Colors represent different elevations.

Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars | Image Credit: Viking Project, USGS, NASA | Mars will look good in Earth's skies over the next few days -- but not this good. To get a view this amazing, a spacecraft had to actually visit the red planet. Running across the image center, though, is one the largest canyons in theSolar System. Tomorrow, Mars and Earth will pass the closest in 11 years, resulting in the red planet being quite noticeable toward the southeast after sunset.

Valles Marineris in Mars is the largest canyon in the Solar System. This photo is compiled from over 100 images taken by the Viking Orbiters.