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Be my roommate hahahaha

Not quite sure if I'm promoting this guy as a roommate by pinning this but really I just think that it's funny and creative. I hope you find a wonderful roommate.

(2) Tumblr

This girl is my hero. I love how she tells the security guard to hold on as she goes to run to the other baseball player and grab his butt.

One mans journey to recreate his girlfriends baby photos - Imgur

One man's journey to recreate his girlfriend's baby photos

A friend showed me her wake up alarms.

A friend showed me her wake up alarms.

Funny pictures about Morning Motivation. Oh, and cool pics about Morning Motivation. Also, Morning Motivation photos.

Me when I read this,"Wait this is how I am supposed to be when I'm on my period..." literally I just flow like Niagara Falls. Lol

Sorry for the language but this is hilarious! omg I died laughing! this is awesome, and true. Kill them and eat their cookies!

The best pictures of the Queen… I lost it several times <--- is it just me or is she an elderly Effie...?

Favorite pictures of the Queen of England. >>> Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, the Queen of England.

ha...living dangerously

As much as i hate the phrase yolo.this was funny. This is an acceptable use of "yolo.

Welp, this is true

Everybody from school was like "Yaaaaas, we're gonna hang out this Summer." where dey at doe

Hahaha....haha...ha....*looks dramatically to the distance* *single tear rolls down cheek*

*looks dramatically to the distance* *single tear rolls down cheek*

College Edition Let it Go--AH so true right now! Midterms not finals, but same thing.