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monkey_tattoos_14.png (320×320)

Coolest Monkey Tattoos: How many tattoos you know that will make you see your belly button well this will differently amaze you when you see this monkey tattoo

seriously?? lol

Most tramp stamps are not given much thought. So either A: You decided your stamp in 2 seconds, drunk, and based on what you were wearing. Or B: Your tattoo artist was playing a cruel trick!


I tatuaggi dei fan: il ritratto è trash - Repubblica.it

13 Dumbest Belly Tattoos (belly tattoos designs) - ODDEE

13 Dumbest Belly Tattoos - belly tattoos designs

This belly button tattoo and nine more! The Most WTF Tattoos You'll Ever See Pics)

WTF??!!  i wonder what her parents said when they saw this, or what she plans on telling her children and grandchildren, or if she ever dates someone with a job-what they will say about it.  gross.

What in the ever loving actual fuck is wrong with people? Also, I assume she has a disease bc her vagina is blue and yellow.

Hawaiian man claims Guiness World Record for biggest stretch earlobes

Hawaiian man claims Guiness World Record for biggest stretch earlobes

Hawaii man claims Guinness World Record for biggest stretch earlobes - 4 inches in diameter and big enough to put a hand through

I think durex is trying to show us all why not to have kids, lol

Funny pictures about Durex Commercial (compilation), tagged with commercial, condom, durex, kids posted in Gags