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JoeyBra The first sexy & comfortable pocket bra. JoeyBra gives you the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, and carry anything without lugging a purse. Discreetly holds a cellphone, ID, and key on the side of your bra with easy access. I can make this!

iShower Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker.

iShower Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker - WANT THIS! I miss my shower radio sooo bad!

This Tiny Projector Can Turn Any Wall Into A 80-inch Touch Screen [Video]

Fancy projectors can run into the zone of thousands of dollars, especially if they're either made for movie watching or some sort of educational role that

i want this so bad

Asking for this for Christmas! (would be a great stocking stuffer!) camera that prints real photos like a polaroid!

Fancy - iPhone Dock and Bluetooth Headset in Oak  - Svpply

I had this idea years ago. I guess I should have pursued it. The vintage look is cool though. iPhone Dock - Phone - iPod Dock - Phone - Charger and Sync Station - Bluetooth Headset - Oak - Wireless Headset

Oh God! Je dois payer une biere au génie qui vient de régler tous mes problèmes !! Infinite USB connection!  See more: http://www.interestingenginering.com

Never run out of USB ports again! The infinite USB, top notch!

Isso sim é que é uma tomada moderna.

Node Electric Outlet eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square! Sweet except that there's no place for a 3 prong plug, all the power strips have them.

Use your phone without holding it. Hands-free, shake-free FaceTime, selfies, GPS, and videos. Tiny suction cups (so small you can’t see ‘em) stick to flat, smooth surfaces—without feeling sticky.

These phone mount cases, discovered by The Grommet, stick to flat, smooth surfaces without feeling sticky—thanks to thousands of tiny suction cups.

Wake Up, Work Out Alarm Clock…You have to do 30 reps to get it to stop  http://metaboliccooking.com/blog/

Wake Up, Work Out Alarm Clock. You have to do 30 reps to get it to stop. -- not sure I want to hear my alarm going for the time it takes to do 30 reps.but a good idea!