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Hilarious sign, if you have a complaint press the red button. Unfortunately the red button is the place where the cheese sits in a mouse trap.

Funny Signs From Around The World. The last one is my favorite.

Funny Signs From Around The World. The last one is my favorite. >>>> I think the mountain lion one is my favorite. nm theryér all my favorite hahaha couldn stop laughing XD

Mens Humor

When People Say Guns Kill People. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

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Foghorn Leghorn - This about explains things.  Have to remember this on the days my meds haven't kicked in yet. LOL

Foghorn Leghorn - Boy, I say boy.You're about to exceed the limitations of my medication. LOVE IT!

forbidden to prophetically appear 'behind the hills' I'm done

Road signs: What they REALLY mean. (I can't stop laughing at this.) The christmas tree one is the best!

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Seems Legit

The asshole who chose to drink and drive, put my brother in the morgue. Someone who never drank or did drugs in his life, killed by a selfish 3 time drunk driving offender. If u drink in drive, f*ck u!

Here are some funny and geeky chalkboard signs that think outside the box.

Photographers Capture 20 Funny and Geeky Chalkboard Signs That Think Outside the Box

27 People Who Have Made A Huge Mistake

27 People Who Have Made A Huge Mistake


In Case of Fire Break Glass (and roast marshmallows). It's the "glass half full" approach to life, life gives you lemons: you make s'mores.

I think we should...

New Chuck And Sly Episode about the Ideas of Sylvester Stallone about The Expendables

what does it say about me that these make me laugh hysterically?  my sense of humor really is twisted.

Warning signs. real meanings....

Funny pictures about Zoo Warning Signs. Oh, and cool pics about Zoo Warning Signs. Also, Zoo Warning Signs.