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Too bad not everyone thinks this way.

i think everybody should learn the difference between they're/there/their before they try to write and publish "inspirational" quotations

✨|| @Plentifulroses

I am learning everyday to allow space between where I want to be and where I am to inspire me and not terrify me.



WOW! An amazing new weight loss product sponsored by Pinterest! It worked for me and I didnt even change my diet! Here is where I got it from cutsix.com - Keep calm and call your Mom

Keep calm and call your mom. What's the first thing I do when I'm locked out of my apartment? Call Mom and Dad.


"Forgiving people who have hurt you is your gift to them. Forgetting people who have hurt you is your gift to YOU." by deeplifequotes, via F.

Don't forget...

Don't forget...

the bigger the better ;)

There are few things as satisfying as popping bubble wrap. Sometimes you just need to sit for a few hours minutes and pop tiny plastic bubbles between your fingers. Other times you need to take a w…

I have WONDERFUL family....blood or not! :-)

I love my family. All of my family. You don't have to be blood. There are thousands of people who I can't name here, who are family to me. People I have met and some I haven't who are still family.

Vida...lealdade. ..compaixão. ..serenidade...perdão. ..amor...sinceridade...honestidade..

"A maior luta,o grande desafio e o maior obstáculo da vida acontece dentro de nós mesmos"!

Might be nice for the living room

What I Love Most About My Home Is Who I Share It With. I so need to make this sign for my house!