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Tiny Queen

Russian girl: This baby is wearing traditional Russian clothing, meant for women to emphasize their inner dignity and emotional restraint.

porte bb bébé chinois mei tai

Miao in china The baby carrier in Asia protects the infant physically and symbolically. The choice of colors and design all have meaning, for example, a lotus is a symbol of long life.

Two Tibétan Girls, by Steve McCurry.

Two Tibétan Girls, by Steve McCurry.

Youngster from Kutch - makes me happy just looking at her

Happy, unspoilt children with a lovely natural smile, like this youngster from Kutch - it makes me happy just to look at her

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Mirai-chan, a little girl in Sado, Niigata, Japan © Kawashima Kotori 未来ちゃん - So Cute! Japanese child ready to participate in a festival (matsuri)