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Again... if only gifs would animate on pinterest boards. Beautiful gif identity for Uniqlo by I Love Dust. (click on it)

Beautiful gif identity for Uniqlo by I Love Dust

Британец превратил уличные граффити в GIF. Изображение №5.

Designer INSA made a series of graffitis that he has animated in GIFs format. “GIF-iti” gathers all his street-art GIFs, realized all around the wor

2d animated vector gifs - motion design loops Shot_tree_of_seasons_01 Dribble.com

Tree Of Seasons GIF

Dante Hunter /// 4 seasons tree animation - it can be used for Android BootAnimation.

Ori Toor animation art cute loop

For cool optical illusion pictures, magic images, cool pictures, and tumbling fun!

我的首页 微博-随时随地发现新鲜事

I like the text is revealed using a dynamic bouncing ball. It keeps you interested and your eyes constantly moving with with the motion.

<3 Happy Father's Day Everyone! <3

Pusheen the cat - I my dad too. And Pusheen's even has a mustache, just like mine!--- my sir father dad does not have a moustache