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Tinderbox of silly ideas

Tinderbox of silly ideas

sans, frisk, undyne, mettaton, undertale

Everybody gets a meme


Undertale comes out today! Have some comics [EDIT] wow! go for it buddy UNDERTALE COMICS

Awesome! :)

The gravity of the situation may be high but it doesn't mean papyrus should be hanging around waiting for that pun

Are you sure you want a true rest? <3 yes      no dynamic stretching tank tops

At least it's not "hey hungry, I'm mom" (P. this game absorbed me like 2 days ago and i'm in hell) [UNDERTALE] Mom Jokes

WoA, dO u WaNnA dIe?!

Anime T-shirt Cartoon Print for Undertale Short Sleeve Shirt

undertale, undyne ---- more evidence that I am the human version of Undyne

Undyne doesn't fight Papyrus because she is afraid of what Sans will do to her if she hurts him

xD story of my life!

i haven't even started Genocide and it still reminds me of know a bad fucking time