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The 9 Most Ineffective Ways to Moisturize Your Hair | KinkyCurlyCoilyMe!

The 9 Most Ineffective Ways to Moisturize Your Hair

Beads, Braids and Beyond: Cornrowing for Beginners

Basic tools needed: A metal rat tail comb.

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If you like your hair to have a little more frizz and volume so I always put my oil before cream! On the on the other hand if you like a more defined curl put your cream before oil! Either way if your taking care of your hair it will come out amazing!

FroBunni: How I Use Curlformers on my Natural Hair

The Extra Long and Extra Wide Styling Kit I bought my first set of curlformers in the long barrel curl set to be exact.

Oils good 4 LOC

YOU seal with olive oil if u want a heavier sealant or coconut oil if you want a light one. It is crucial to your hair regimen that you are able to differentiate a moisturizing oil vs. sealing oil so you know when to use which ones.