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BABY METAL band metal yang kawaii asal jepang | Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community

The playlist: metal Gore aficionados Cannibal Corpse, Nothing More's alt-rock anthem-in-waiting, and the bonkers charms of Sonisphere conquerors Babymetal all feature on our latest metal playlist

"DOOMSDAY"  The Countdown towards the DOOM bigins.

Yuimetal, Su-Metal & Moametal of Babymetal.

BABYMETAL à la conquête du monde avec leur Kawaii metal

Here is a BABYMETAL video interview with Razor TV BABYMETAL – cutest headbangers on the planet Heavy metal rock band or kawaii idols? You get both with BABYMETAL, a Japanese band comprising t…

BABYMETAL – J-Pop Death-Metal Will Melt Your Cuddly Face Off.

Babymetal might sound like nursery music from Motörhead, but it's really a crazy mix of metal and J-pop. Yes: Japanese Pop idol music fused with death metal.


If they ever headline in Phoenix I'll be the first in line.

BABYMETAL live at Nippon Budokan

BABYMETAL live at Nippon Budokan