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황사가 가득한 봄~ 이예요. 이웃님들 잘 지내셨나요? 게으름에 또 이런 저런 일에 포스팅을 못했네요. 다음...

황사가 가득한 봄~ 이예요. 이웃님들 잘 지내셨나요? 게으름에 또 이런 저런 일에 포스팅을 못했네요. 다음...

The plastic Bag Yarn is made out of plastic grocery bags by cutting them into strips and then stringing them altogether to a single long strand. The yarn can be used to replace crochet sturdy to make tote bags, doormats and many more such useful items.

Five creative DIY activities to reuse plastic bags Green Diary Green Revolution Guide by Dr Prem


Tejidos con todo tipo de materiales IV

Reusable shopping bag made from plastic grocery bags. Wish i knew how to crochet.

Japanese Knot Plarn Tote Bag ~ My Recycled Bags

Japanese knot tote bag consists of mainly recycled grey Walmart plastic bags with 4 blue plastic bags for the stripe. It took about 50 plastic bags cut 1 inch wide and made into plarn to crochet this recycled tote bag.

This great market bag is made from recycled plastic bags - "plarn" - and is good for many more than just one use.

Everything you are about to see here was made with plarn: yarn made from plastic bags. The benefits of using plarn are many. Plastic bags are plentiful and available for free


torba - szydełko // Fabric and plastic yarn crochet together by osnat.

Lines Crochet Bag.. what a stylish and cute bag

Maybe Erika could line her bags w/ colorful fabric? That would keep things from falling through & add "pop"