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charms-blow-pops-what-a-melon - for party favor

Charms - Blow Pops - What A Melon

Assorted Fruit flavored Gummi Bears in Black (Black Cherry), Orange (Orange) and Yellow (Lemon)! Gummi Bears have a soft texture, intense Flavor, are gluten free, fat free and bursting with flavor. Perfect treat for your Halloween Party!

Albanese Halloween Gummi Bears ~ 4.5lb Bag

These Mini Gummi Butterflies are packed with big fruit flavors. These high flying treats are packed with the fresh flavor & unique soft chew your expect from Albanese.

Gummi Apples 5LB Bulk

Gummi Apples 5LB Bulk

Available to you in bulk, inexpensively.Apple Width: 1 InchBag contains 5 LB of green and red Haribo Gummi Apples!

Rose Petals and Rust: Its back....

Shabby Corn/NO NO NO.this is named incorrectly! This is elegant corn. I'm tired already of that orange corn stuff :( /bb

Gumballs - Watermelon - Green Candy - Colors | Bulk Candy Store

Gumballs - Watermelon

A quote from Mark Twain - "When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat. The angels might even be jealous of you when you savor these watermelon shaped and flavored gumballs for the first t

Sugar Free Assorted Gummi Fish

Sugar Free Assorted Fruit Gummi Fish - 1 lb Bulk Package

Albanese Candy offers a large selection of gummies including all gummies and Sugar Free Assorted Fruit Gummi Fish.