Beautiful polymer clay snails S for Snail: April 2012

Beautiful snails sculpted by artist евгений хонтор. A better source…

Meet the Strange, Wonderful Miniature Cats of Colorado Sculptor Sara Wagner - Catster

Angry snail cat, sculpted from polymer clay, and then painted in acrylics…

polymerclayfimo: Shell Pendant Tutorial for polymer clay (Diy Step Polymer Clay)

Made to order  These are adorable big-eyed creatures made from polymer clay. Their population is constantly being replenished, so that everyone will be able to get one as a pet.  height 2.3 inch , width 2.8

Snail funny - OOAK Handmade figurine made of polymer clay snail floral interior tiny snail brown animal funny snail as a gift cute sculpture art knick knack polymer clay snail rusteam fantastic creature home decor ShamelessAdvTeam USD