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Cerámica Periodo: 700- 1100 d.C. Horizonte Wari-Tiwanaku. Estilo Santa Medidas: 152mm de alto x 134mm de ancho Código de pieza: MCHAP 0282 cultura Recuay

The Wari culture, Tampere Art Museum - Incas and Their Predecessors - Three Millenia of Pre-Columbian Peru

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Nasca ceramic bottle, ca. 100 BC - AD 700. The Nasca culture of the southern coast of Peru are most famous for the Nasca lines. These notorious lines in the desert portray enormous animals and other designs often similar to those represented on Nasca textiles and pottery.

Nasca ceramic bottle, ca. 100 BC - AD The Nasca culture of the southern coast of Peru are most famous for the Nasca lines.

Drum Century AD Nasca Culture, Peru Ceramic drums with central, bulging sounding chambers were made in southern Peru at the turn of the first millennium. Among the most elaborately finished are those of Nasca style. They were surfaced with the.

Botella asa estribo: mujer con felino – Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino

Measures: 180 mm de alto Part Code: MCHAP 1 See Tiwanaku culture Horizonte Wari-Tiwanaku.

NAZCA culture South coast 100 – 700 AD Vessel depicting fish 100-700 AD ceramic 22.2 (h) cm 17.5 cm (diameter) Ministerio de Cultura del Perú: Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Perú,

Materiales: Cerámica Periodo: Formativo Tardío 200 - 600 a.C. Medidas: 295 mm de alto Código de pieza: MCHAP 0354 cultura Parakas Horizonte Chavín.

Storage Jar (Aryballus) Date: century Geography: Peru Culture: Inca Medium: Ceramic Dimensions: H.

Terracotta Pottery Figurine -- Fashioned as a shaman -- Nazca Culture -- Peru -- Collection Janssen-Arts, MAS, Antwerp

PERU 1300-1532 BC. | "Cuchimilcos" - referred to Chancay ceramics representing human beings. They are more or less realistic figurines with lots of creativity and certain nuances of primitiveness. The extremely short and weak limbs, just drawn faces and not always finished decorating, motivate our attention. Pre-Columbian Peru | Museo Arqueologico Peruano - MAP Cusco | South America

Mochica pottery - The birds represent the heavens, birds were thought to be the connection between man & the upper realms.