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Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson at Madrid Photo Call for The Hunger Games: #CatchingFire

Jennifer Lawrence & Liam Hemsworth: 'Catching Fire' Madrid Photo Call: Photo Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning as she attends a photo call for her new film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire held at the Villamagna Hotel on Wednesday (November…

I have had a crush on him since Little Manhattan

Rv bridge to terabithia journey to the center of the earth and journey 2 the mysterious island oh and hunger games I didn't know it was him he is awesome

The change in his composure is so evident here...

Reece on

The change in his composure is so evident here. <- the change in HER composure is so evident here

Catching Fire Cast!  A spark that is left unattended, may grow to be an INFRERNO<3

I can't wait, I hope it does the book justice. Catching Fire was my favorite book of The Hunger Games series!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! In theaters November 22, 2013 I saw this movie and i was so amazed at how amazing it was. Another amazing movie and I wouldn't mind watching it again any time soon.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

Fan Art: Catching Fire movie poster featuring Katniss' wedding dress that transforms her into a Mockingjay. Whoever designed this has great talent. Can't wait for this!

May the odds be ever in your favor...I wonder how many pins I'm going to have that say this.

I can't wait for the Hunger Games movie to come out. I am reading the book in the series right now. Did I mention I can't wait? I can't wait.


make bows and arrows and no, i haven't read/seen/reenacted the hunger games yet.

"He won because he was smarter than everyone else" #TheHungerGames #HaymitchAbernathy

"Because Haymitch is one of the most real characters in fiction if you ask me. He's harsh, an alcoholic, a jerk at times but he had a really hard life, as everyone else in "The Seam" had. He still managed to survive and yes, he was a smart dude." I agree!

The Catching Fire premiere in Berlin: http://www.panempropaganda.com/movie-countdown/2013/11/12/photos-the-hunger-games-catching-fire-premiere-berlin.html

Jen is like all happy, Liam is smoldering at the camera, Josh is looking wistfully away, and Effie just looks kinda pissed off😝