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Oliver the Brittany...sweetest..high energy..breed!! Love my Nellie

Hi, I'm Oliver and I love everything! I like to chew up my toys (which Mommy has to clean up) and chase the cat! I like when you give me belly rubs and treats. I like sleeping in the sun and playing f

Brittany Spaniel pup

Plans upon graduation.get a puppy! This puppy may have to wait 'till I have a yard, but one day!

Brittany Bird Dogs. My love.

These dogs are called Brittany Spaniels .This breed of dogs/puppies are very alert and intelligent

Training tips for a Brittney!  Looks like my girl...My love, my loyal girl....except she has an arrow that adorns her head.

Training tips for a Brittney!My love, my loyal girl.except she has an arrow that adorns her head.

Catahoula Leopard puppy!

TX - Bekha, a female Catahoula Leopard mix puppy. Primary Color: TanSecondary Color: BlackWeight: has been Spayed

You could not find a better family dog than a Brittany.  So good natured and eager to please.

The Brittany (spaniel). They're so adorable, and although they're similar to other spaniels, they have less feathering (hair), and their ears aren't so long and droopy. The puppies are irresistible!