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fyeah-seacreatures:    Sweet Dreams. (Giovanni Mari)

Photograph "Sweet Dreams" by Giovanni Mari - Polar Bears, North Spitsbergen, Svalbard

Amazing group of deer fawns sleeping in a group so closely that their spots seem to merge with each other. -DdO:) - http://www.pinterest.com/DianaDeeOsborne/animals-of-a-different/ - Peaceful woods baby animal family portrait. CREDIT: Photo uploaded by "Lauren".

Sleeping Fawns -- Is this a real photo, or real Photo-Shopped? Would this many fawns really be sleeping together?

I wish they would come over when I am there!  The only thing that ever follows me is the stupid sharks!

In this picture a child is frightened of a menacing polar bear pressed against the glass. "Me bear, you food" the bear says. He then proceeds to break the glass.

This picture shows global warming to me because the polar bear has barely any ice left and is about to be in the water which shows how it was melted from heat.

HELP SAVE THE POLAR BEARS! The polar ice caps are melting due to global warming and they are dying at a rapid rate! Help save them and do your part!

Happy birthday to me.

Pike, a 30 years old Polar Bear was gifted 10 tons of snow for his birthday in California Zoo. This Polar Bear's obvious happiness made me tear up a bit

Under the umbrella

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Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear. And that's the cutest thing I have ever seen

Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear

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