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I  L♡VE  squirrels!

Mama Squirrel & Her Newborn Baby.omg so cute, makes me love squirrels that much more!

So you like pandas...timeline of a newborn...

So you like pandas...

I'm such an asshole that all I see is that tortoise trying to get away. He looks resigned to his fate in the last pic.

Funny pictures about Baby hippo and 130 year old tortoise become best friends. Oh, and cool pics about Baby hippo and 130 year old tortoise become best friends. Also, Baby hippo and 130 year old tortoise become best friends.

This is the best thing ever! Minus the fact that only one survived and their mother died, of course.

The story of a man and a bear

This man rescued a Grizzly Bear cub and raised it, now the bear pretty much thinks he's a human too. quite amazing actually

Yay! Pumpkin seed season.

“Happy Squirrel on my Porch. I was sitting on my porch reading a magazine and this little guy came right up to me. As a reward I fed him some pumpkin seeds. I seriously think he is smiling at me in this photo!

Has something to say...

Sez Jean-Baptiste Pierre LeSquirrel in his impeccable Louisiana Creole- "You lyin'!

On Flickr by VisitPA's photostream 3 Baby Squirrels - Kennerdell    Peeking out from a hole in a Maple Tree in John McCullough's backyard in Kennerdell.

Beautiful Wild animals pictures and Nature Photo Gallery ~ UNUSUAL THINGs wild squirrels!

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Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. PsBattle: Two squirrels embracing : photoshopbattles

Nice family pic

Nice family pic

16 Ridiculously Photogenic Rodents

16 Ridiculously Photogenic Rodents

Red, grey or even black, what's your favourite colour of squirrel? Squirrel Appreciation Day reminds us to enjoy these nut-burying, scampering animals.