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Raise your hand if you looked like this this morning! Grab a cup of coffee & conquer the day 😘☕️

I love you but what you do makes me hate you more

Please stop reporting pins that don't even have nudity, you ruin things for everyone. Try to have a peaceful existence ✌🏻

Need a good laugh? Check out this creative bun!

Dads are super cool and fun to be with, and they have their very own unique parenting style. Check out these pictures to agree with me.

Telemarketers waste our time, so we're just returning the favor!

Next time a telemarketer calls, hand the phone to your 3 year old and tell her it's Santa. Totally makes me want to borrow a 3 year old

Man bun?

This is what I see when a guy wears a MAN BUN ! plz NO COMMENT :-) but only the actor johnny Depp could look good in a man bun only because he's a high payed actor who is sexy in eye liner .

True please yourself

So true because so many people dislike others because of jealousy, envy, and control issues. Especially sad for children who are alienated from a parent or step parent.

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