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Carnelian Cameo Locket - 50-1-2379 - Lang Antiques

Carnelian Cameo Locket / A lovely carved portrait of a Victorian beauty presented in a magnificent, highly detailed frame with a subdued patina.

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Antique Cameo 14kt Gold Cameo Mine Cut Diamond Pin/Pendant

Antique Cameo t Gold Cameo Mine Cut Diamond Pin/Pendant Yellow ROSE gold and . Well made and circa 1900 .

The Cameo Lesson  A cameo or stone which measures 40x30 can be used in many ways when you first give it a dramatic setting.    Glue the back of the cameo to front of brass frame #F79. Let the glue dry according to the directions on the tube.    Then gently bend and wrap filigree piece #B33 around the first two items so that the ends of the filigree look like prongs holding the cameo in place.    Lastly glue frame #A511 to the back of the above items to create the effect of a large dramatic…

The Cameo Lesson


wouldn't a cameo of each sister be AWESOME Christmas presents?


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Victorian Hard Stone Sardonyx Cameo Diamond Gold Brooch | From a unique collection of vintage brooches at https://www.1stdibs.com/jewelry/brooches/brooches/

Victorian Hard Stone Sardonyx Cameo Diamond Gold Brooch

This is an exquisite Victorian brooch centered with a hard stone sardonyx cameo expertly carved in three layers, circa The figure is Athena with her characteristic shield and spear in a flowing and gauzy gown. Twinkling rose cut diamonds frame the piece.