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the saddest thing I know by LindaMarieAnson

the saddest thing I know by LindaMarieAnson Fan Art / Digital Art / Painting & Airbrushing / Movies & LindaMarieAnson

Loki by *eleathyra

lokiliciouss: “ lokeanrampant: “ eleathyra: “ zetatauri: “ eleathyra: “ Turns out I won’t be able to finish the painting today.

Loki and snake blade

A charcoal portrait of Loki from Thor. My art teacher at my highschool asked me to do a live d. Loki - God of Mischief

Sir Thomas Sharpe

wandamorgenstern: “ “ wandamorgenstern: “ If i can’t show him my art i can at least show it to you.So here’s my drawing of Thomas Sharpe after i watched the movie.

Je je je je

Hammer by on deviantART. One way to make sure he doesn't lose Loki.

Loki // Thor2; Dark World

Tom Hiddleston's looks paler and more delicious than ever! Also—rose red lips!