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Rachel Marie D'Avino, 29

Rachel D' Avino 29 teacher's aide-Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims: 20 children, 6 teachers dead - NY Daily News

CLICK PIC to see tribute pattern for Emillie...Light a Candle In Remembrance     In Remembrance of all the 27 beautiful souls who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary... My heart goes out to each of the family members who lost a Child and/or a Sister, Mother, Brother, Friend, Father, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, or Teacher... It is a great tragedy and no words could be sufficient enough... My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to each of you!

"They looked up to her when they needed comfort. They'd run to Emilie for hugs and kisses." -- Robert Parker of his daughter Emilie, a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting at the age of six, and her sisters aged four and three.

Hero: Jesse Lewis, 6, was shot in the head after screaming for his classmates to run and flee gunman Adam Lanza when the gun jammed while Lanza was in Jesse's classroom. Encouraged by Jesse's yells to run, six kids made it out of the class to safety. ♥ RIP sweet boy.

Sandy Hook victim, 6, was killed after telling classmates to run

This autumn 2011 photo provided by the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation shows Jesse Lewis, who was slain in the shooting at Sandy Hook Ele.

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Tragedy: The Connecticut School Shooting : The Newtown Victims, Jack Pinto, 6

Daniel Barden, 7

Tragedy: The Connecticut School Shooting : The Newtown Victims, Daniel Barden, 7

PHOTO: Catherine Hubbard was one of the victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Dec. 14, 2012 in Newtown, Conn.

Connecticut Victims: 'Bubbly,' 'Joyful' Children, Principal

Tragedy: The Connecticut School Shooting : The Newtown Victims, Catherine Hubbard, 6

Sacrificing liberties for safety and security limit freedom and democracy. All that stands in the way of that is a free press...

Good Night and Good Luck

US JOURNALISM - Walter Cronkite - November 1916 – July 2009 - Was an American broadcast journalist, best known as "Anchorman for the CBS Evening News" for 19 years

Dylan gained his wings on 12/14/12

On lawns, storefronts, windows and park benches in this village are memorials to the 20 children and six adults killed Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School.