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“Something else gets under your skin, keeps you working days and nights at the sacrifice of your sleeping and eating and attention to your family and friends, something beyond the love of puzzle solving. And that other force is the anticipation of understanding something about the world that no one has ever understood before you."- Alan Lightman

gypsylovinlight: one with nature The feeling that one gets when their soul is brought back to our animalistic state where we are allowed to run free and not have to be conscious of social expectations is one of pure unadulterated freedom…Beautiful


Happy as the sun, lighter than a feather; walking on the clouds when we are together. Tyrone Wells - Happy As The Sun

...a million memories of a million shows when I look at this...§ Ω ~

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The best place to read a book, clear your head or just escape is up in a tree. I started climbing trees when i was little and still enjoy is today though I don't do it as much. Being up in a tree, especially with a good book, brings me great peace.

Alexa von Tobel of LearnVest: No, Really, What’s Your Weakness?

Tree climbing is a super fun thing! Makes you feel literally on top of the world.(if only i was better at it lol)

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