Nars Lipstick Wrapping Paper | Source: BOUFFANTS & BROKEN HEARTS.

Figurative representation is definitely hot. There is a craving on the fashion scene for realistic – verging on surrealistic – figurative patterns representing familiar objects, fashion accessories, cosmetics and means of transportation.

Clothes pins

Clothes pins

▼Pineapple Print. Wall art.

I love the quirky original illustrations of the pineapples. I like the idea of turning a group of different illustrations into a pattern, it would make a visually interesting background to add simple typography phrases to.

Pattern variation for Alley-Oop II! Opening April 5, 2014 at poketo, Los Angeles.

Pattern variation for Alley-Oop II! Opening April 2014 at poketo, Los Angeles. a bit hand gen ish and wobbly v cute! love et, organic shapes