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Leo Facts

as a leo, you can be quite intimidating to others. even the most self-assertive person can feel a bit threatened by you. you definitely have a temper that can break the toughest of people. however, this isn't all intentional as you are a softie at heart. others may find it difficult to know what it is you exactly want.

Boyfriend says I was intimidating before he knew me & Ive had plenty of girls say the same. I definitely will take charge in a situation. Overall, though, I do care & once you're my friend ill do anything and everything for you.<<you go girl!

a leos love interest is someone who will truly cherish and appreciate them as they do their partner in relationship. they're some of the most charismatic people around but they have a soft spot for those brave and confident enough to make the first move. someone fun, affectionate, and loyal will often be able to pull at their heart strings. dispassionate, boring and painfully shy characteristics are chemistry killers


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You are the definition of those who smile the brightest hurt the most...

One of true facts about Leo is their strong personality. Even when deeply hurt or facing the biggest obstacle of life, Leo can still show their adorable smile and say I'm fine.


ZODIAC LEO FACTS - Leo often feels “alone” in life. And when not doing things of purpose, they can become very melancholy or stressed., oh wow so true.