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12 phrases qu'un(e) vegan ne veut plus entendre - neonmag

It took me a second to realize that the baby elephant was the little trunk sticking out of the water hahaha!

That's Why They Have Built-In Snorkels

Mother and baby. Omg is that the baby's little wee trunk sticking out of the water? Hahaha poor little guy

Exactly!!! Then if I text someone and don't answer I check and text again

funny quote - Don't text me while I'm in the middle of texting you. Now I have to change my text. Every single time!

Like Alfred Pennyworth said, "Some men just want to watch the world burn." This collection of gifs and videos features real life anarchy right in our own backyards. Rules, regulations, and polite suggestions are boring. These rebels are out shaking up the status quo and turning soci...

60+ Hilarious Images Of Rebels Ignoring the Rules

Dubai Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Keynote Speaker and Teambuilding Expert Reality Show - Dave Crane TV -

The Sky Tent 2 Offers Tree Huggers a Neat Tent Alternative trendhunter.com

Cozy Bunk Bed Tents

Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2 – A Revolutionary Tent For 1 or 2 Hammocks Off The Ground

Funny Birthday Greetings | Happy Birthday Idea

A bunch of funny happy birthday quotes and sayings. Find the best funny birthday quotes, sayings, messages and wishes. Put a smile on your friends faces.

car face

This is what the world must look like to a paranoid person (31 Photos)

Short Funny Quotes About Life And Happiness: Funny Quotes And Short Jokes About Love And Life

I think I'll make something for the Promethean board.three minutes, and say out of OUR minds. Five minutes seems a little long.

Funny Pictures - How to be a good parent.  Ahh my dad never yelled.  But he always spoke in a deadly whisper when we were in trouble.  Great reminder.

Don't yell at your kids- lean in real close and whisper- its much scarier ……. It really works. Mine hates the look. "Don't look at me like that mommy" works every time and I don't say a word.

I can't eat yogurt because the containers say, "Contains live and active cultures" and I'm like, "THEY'RE ALIVE, ACTIVE?!"

Funny pictures about When you dunk a cookie in milk. Oh, and cool pics about When you dunk a cookie in milk. Also, When you dunk a cookie in milk.


Mermaid man and barnacle boy, at McDonalds, in their invisible boat mobile. Just win.<---funny thing I'm watching spongebob and mermaidman and barnacle boy are in the episode