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Come on guys get it together. Zayn is Aladdin. -E

Come on guys get it together. Zayn is Aladdin. I can just hear zayns accent I swear

Hahahahahahahhahahahaha<<<< for those who don't know Georgia Rose is mentioned in Best Song Ever

Hahahahahahahhahahahaha I haven't heard the song but I know the names in it

He's soo cute(:

Then there's Paul like 'yes zayn,yes it is very funny but U R AT A SIGNING!' I miss Zayn he's pissed me off - A

ONLY OUR FANDOM>>>> the girl in the cream colored sweater 'wasnt readyyyy' *Kevin hart voice*

Im actually dying at the Obama statue. And the bottom comment.

"Don't even care about the table breakin we only wanna have a laugh." Nope. Niall cares.

Awww poor Niall all alone. I would TOTALLY go sit with him in a heartbeat!

Daddy direction

Liam I love you hahah>>> liam please never change. I love you so much you are too freaking cute hahaha<<<< Daddy directioner is still the same



DIRECTIONERS LETS DO THIS!! I would like to see my brothers and sisters!! PLZ!

Repost to you're most popular board comment and tell me who else is

#swaggystagram THATS NIALLERS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! YAY BUT AT THE SAME TIME OH NO. Oh shit both fandoms are gonna be so conflicted and AGGGHHHH

Is no one else gonna comment on the fact that this song WITH JB comes out on niallers birthday? Like, here niall happy birthday we will release the song you sung with your idol for you.