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Hunger Games

The loneliest people are the kindest (Peeta). The saddest people smile the brightest (Katniss). The most damaged people are the wisest (Haymich). A quote representing three of The Hunger Games characters. Oh how true!

Sick and twisted is the whole point of the Hunger Games, people!

Wow <<< real age casting has power<<< I haven't watched the movies, but, yeah. The actual horror of CHILDREN slaughtering eachother for entertainment is all sorts of horrifying.

:) Unrecognized Jennifer Lawrence #funny #silly #humor - Check out loads of funny viral images.

Unrecognized Jennifer Lawrence…

Finnick LOL

I have to agree that finnick is ugly I was hoping for a hotter guy because of the book made me have unrealistic expectations of him

Young Peeta | Josh Hutcherson | hahahaha

I just have to have thesebahahah young peeta. i always said josh hutcherson was gonna grow up to be a stud and the ladies would swoon. i was soo right!

"I volunteer as tribute!" (Sisterly Love is the deepest form) #TheHungerGames

Whenever my teachers or during a game at my church, if someone says do we have any volunteers ? I always say (or think) I volunteer as tribute !

Me if I was in the under games. Just kidding I wouldn't live long enough to climb to the top of the cornucopia and slide down

I thought about this while watching the movie. My little sister came in and said, "I thought you were watching the Hunger Games? Why are people sliding down a slide?