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Yes!! Love the rain.

365 Happiness Project: Quote 148 never met a person I did not like, friends are different thing entirely.

I am not a "good runner" because I am me. I am a good "me" because I am a runner.

Runner Things Running has taken me in, and continues to comfort, heal and challenge me in all kinds of magical ways. I am not a good runner because I am ME. I am a good ME because I'm a runner.

why strive for a stressful life?  find what makes YOU happy and do that, be that. then the world will come to you. calm.

It doesn't always have to be constantly going, doing, rushing, comparing, blah blah blah. I'll take peace thanks!

I can feel this piece. <3 -H Illustration, Kate Chopin Quote, Fine Art Prints, Art Posters

Obvious State >> Kate Chopin Quote I think the earth groans and results in every earthquake.