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That's why I always sleep with a knife

Funny pictures about Hearing sounds in the night. Oh, and cool pics about Hearing sounds in the night. Also, Hearing sounds in the night.

You know that's right!!!

"And when the clock strikes midnight, Halloween will end.then BAM! Christmas carols everywhere." - You tell 'em Fairy Godmother. Christmas carols will be playing in no time like bippity boppity boo, and I love it!


I call my cat a traitor because he will leave me to go cuddle with my sister.

I hate how expensive bras are. I didn't choose the boob life, the boob life chose me.

I didn't choose the boob life. And the boob life didn't choose me either!


funny meme ain’t nobody got time for that for Adam Levine! Oh yes, I have time for that! Is there someone who doesn't have time for that?

I laughed way harder at this than I should have!!

Funny pictures about To thine window. Oh, and cool pics about To thine window. Also, To thine window.

haha oh wow I was just thinking this.


That's hilarious and completely true. I was a mess this morning because I forgot and my makeup bag was in my gym bag. YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE that when I arrived at work I was putting on eyeliner!

Relatable Post it's impossible to slowly tip toe around without activating your T-rex arms

I'm Waiting for Inspiration!

I'm Waiting for Inspiration!

Will Ferrel Procrastination? No, I just wait until the last second to do my work, because i will be older therefore wiser then, True wisdom.