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Maybe kids aren't that bad after all. This has slain me with laughter.

Maybe kids aren't that bad after all

MomI'm going away for the weekend! I hid $100 under the pile of cloths in ur room! Clean it and the money is yours! | OK | I cleaned it! Where's the money? | There is no money, I wanted you to clean your room! ;) | Cruel..!

Might try this not the going away part but think it might make all three kids get their rooms tidy!


Let's hope at least your shower smells clean with the Shower Shimmy cleaning solution!

imagine he's laughing because he knows you've put in the wrong name, because he's actually your guardian and he knows your actual name

I bet Phil thought of this every time he had a new assignment in school

Except the first speech should say we are at war with the helens (or more currently known as the greeks)


HAHAHAHA oh rad bring it in!>> actully it was the greeks who gave the Trojan horse to the trojans, not the trogans to the greeks

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