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Try not to use 'lovely' and 'plump' in the same compliment

I love words, and the English language is so very vast. Unfortunately we hear so very little of it on a daily basis. Expand your vocabulary; expand your mind.

Simplicity itself.  Diane Hughes | @DianeWordsmith

The proper use of who and whom is a grammar issue that stymies many writers and speakers. While some grammar pundits have called for doing away with whom altogether, I think it's a valid word that we.

MummyMOO :A list of basic internet slangs for parents!

Text abbreviations, you know what? I hate text shortcuts! I'm a very literal person I guess!

And as you see dogs have no special name for fear on this list. Because they are Angels [for the most] ^^^ Oh, honey, there are a lot more phobias than that

The Beauty of Fear

What about Fear of water? Phobias: xenophobia definition is a bit simplistic; yes 'strangers' but also more towards the fear of foreigners. Usually, used socially and culturally than just 'strangers' but I digress.

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List of ideas for descriptive writing using the senses. #amwriting #writing #amediting

reflectionofthemind: “ Warning: You may encounter some opinions. Writing Myth: You have to start your story off in the middle of the action, or “In medias res”. It is said (as I have heard fro

heheh, I like the line "Eye, I, ay, aye, whey, and key"

English is such a weird language.some say english is the hardest language to learn how to speak.I have learned 20 languages and yet I agree it is hard .but some are capable to read this .

Amazing Words

My inner Nerd is shouting from the rooftops. <<<<< I'm not even trying to hide my Nerd anymore.

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