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Lebanese Stuffed Squash (Koosa)

Yogurt Chicken. I would add a 1/2 tsp. lemon juice, and some zest instead of a whole lemon. That should be IC friendly. Make sure you know how you react to yogurt before attempting this recipe.

Yogurt Chicken - Very tasty yogurt-dipped, breaded chicken breasts. The yogurt makes the chicken VERY moist and the coating nice and crunchy!

Stuffed Summer Squash

Lebanese Koosa - Stuffed Squash Finally found a farmer market on N Main Street that sold the koosa this summer.

"My father is Lebanese. I remember the flat bread that his sister made, and grape leaves, and kibbeh—the foods we ate when we gathered as a family. Kibbeh was sort of a steak tartare. My dad ate it raw; no one else would. We flattened it in a pan and baked it like meat loaf," says fiber artist Dana Boussard of Arlee, Montana.

Lebanese Meat Loaf

Lebanese Meat Loaf (Kibbeh) Recipe The home of Lebanese & Middle Eastern Recipes invites you to try traditional Lebanese Meat Loaf (Ki.