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Orchid Necklace

Shop Amazing Exotic Phalaenopsis Orchid photograph Throw Pillow created by Zurine.



Eucomsis Bicolore  Pineapple Flower

Naples Florida is a great place for the orchid enthusiast. Our climate – and plenty of helpful insight from the Naples Botanical Garden and The Naples Orchid Society – make things easier. See Naples

the pitcher plant - looks like a butterfly!

the pitcher plant - looks like a butterfly! PHOTOSHOP -- Luna Moth wings added to Pitcher Plant

The Northern-Queen-of-Sheba-Orchid: [Thelymitra pulcherrima} - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Orchid - The Queen of Sheba - Thelymitra speciosa - This flamboyant beauty is native to Western Australia. It grows in open, sandy clays in exposed plains within the Wheatbelt. It takes between 7 to 10 years to flower-

detail of a purple spider flower by Francisco Marty~~

A detail of a purple spider flower (Cleome hassleriana) as it begins to bloom by Francisco Marty on

Pachypodium namaquanum (Elephant's Trunk, Club Foot, Halfmens)

Pachypodium flower, Pachypodium namaquanum, Richtersveld National Park, South Africa (a succulent single-stemmed plant growing to 4 metres tall in the arid, rocky mountains of the Richtersveld in the Northern Cape and southern Namibia)


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