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I was one of the selected artists for SALA in the Eastend as part of the South Australian Living Artists festival this year.

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Rendering of Julia Marchesi and Leon Reid IV’s Story House” (copyright Leon Reid IV). Brooklyn-based artist Leon Reid IV—he.

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It looks a bit blue-green-grey which would go well- Old shop front, London - amazing colour and more than a little Harry Potter esq

Little Free Libraries promote literacy. The concept is simple, “Take a book. Leave a book.” In 2009 Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin built a small schoolhouse-shaped structure, filled it with books, and mounted it on a pole as a tribute to his mom, June A. Bol, a school teacher. There are now 1,500 Little Libraries. They can be found in more than 40 states and 20 countries.

Etched plexiglass will do nicely on the front.


Shozo Coffee on Tokyo 21

Bibliotreka Courtesy of the Read / Write   Library Chicago

Bibliotreka Courtesy of the Read / Write Library Chicago

This shed was built with the intention of serving as many purposes as possible on as small a piece of land as possible.  Because we live on a corner lot where it would be very visible, we also...

Shed with solar panels running power to our home and rain collection barrels to supply vegetable garden.

According to a report around 150,000 people (four percent) in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia (an area near the capital city) are illiterate and not fluent in their native language. While learning centers are sprouting up to help combat the issue, we wanted to note this awesome, miniature bookmobile spotted in the region a few years ago — proving people there definitely desire more books.

Incredibly Unique Bookmobiles around the World

Incredibly Unique Bookmobiles around the World – Flavorwire.

John Locke thinks people should read more. So in the past few months, the Columbia architecture grad has slipped around Manhattan with a sack of books and custom-made shelves, converting old pay phones into pop-up libraries.

How New York Pay Phones Became Guerrilla Libraries

NYC Phone Booths Turned Into Free Mini Libraries by Architect John Locke

Budget from Garden owned by ilona |  #shedoftheyear

Bespoke Summerhouse Aka The Beach Hut

mobile fab lab children - Google 搜尋

FryskLab Mobile fablab in a old librarybus.

What is MAKESHOP™? A maker space for kids to tinker, build and create.

In the MAKESHOP - Informal Learning and Making at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Productora /// Mobile Art Library @ Mexico City, Mexique

by productora is a mobile library that travels around Mexico City. It stores approximately 1500 books, and is large enough to accommodate a small group of visitors to congregate and browse reading material or to take part in workshops.

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Can i have a pizza slice?

Beach library, Bulgaria

Beach Library , Albena Resort, Bulgaria - photo by ?

Just Cool Cars: '49 art-deco bus becomes classy RV

Just Cool Cars: '49 art-deco bus becomes classy RV

-- Think of it as the ultimate motor home -- with a historic touch. Dan Gant of Corona, Calif., wasn't ready to settle for having yet another Winnebago. Instead, he owns a 1949 Flxible