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Starting it is the hardest part. Quitting is the easiest.

The hardest step for a runner is the first one out the front door. Yeah, I'm running! EVERY STEP!

Pinterest: •shailenebeauty•

Pinterest: •shailenebeauty•

Reasons to be fit. - cause I feel the pretiiest and strongest after a long, hard work out

Cause I feel the prettiest and strongest after a long, hard workout. So true, love my "happy" endorphins after a work out!

Just do it!

Top 25 Tips and Health Benefits of Running

"The Hardest Part Is Walking Out The Front Door!SO true. It's aways hard for me to start but once i get going it's so worth it. Every single time.

I used to tell myself I can't run faster than a 10 minute mile.   Then, when I did, I thought I can't break the 9:30 threshold.     My last half marathon I finished with a 9:17 pace.   Now, I CAN'T wait until I can break the 9 minute mile.

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Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. -So true, even in not running related ways.

i got this training thing DOWN.

Fit Motivation: "Today I do what others wont so tomorrow I can do what others can't.

Strip happy

fit quote: losing weight means you'll look good in clothes. exercising means you'll look good naked.

running tips, tips for running, beginner runner, train #tennistipsforbeginners

running tips, tips for running, beginner runner, train #tennistipsforbeginners

Burn Fat

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Fitness motivation

Fitness motivation

Running Matters #133: I'm going to pretend it's sunny and 75 degrees even when it's cold and cloudy.

Running Matters #133

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true! Workout all the anger, frustration, and sadness. Push til the emotions you hate can't survive anymore.

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