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On 19th September 1963,  50 years ago today,  the BBC started filming a little show called Doctor Who...

Doctor Who Official on

On this day 50 years ago, filming began on a new BBC TV Series called Doctor Who…

Doctor Who - 50th

What the anniversary poster should have looked like (notice the sticky-uppy hair) GAH! I AM SO EXCITED!

Doctor Who

I love this picture of the Doctor and the TARDIS

> Video: Hartnell In Colour - by Babelcolour

Produced frame-by-frame in Adobe Photoshop.

Fourth Doctor's Iconic scarf as a seed bead necklace.  I've begged my niece for this for christmas!

Beaded Doctor Who Scarf Necklace AAAAAH! My compliments to the artist. What a great idea!

That actually sounds interesting.  You wonder if they could stop the Lincoln assassination or take out Hitler before the war...?

Doctor Who was originally slated to be an educational program <==It's totally educational! Half the things I learn come from Doctor Who

That was literally my first response in my head before I even saw the bottom picture. WHAT IS MY LIFE.

No i would yell "Doctor!" Because judging by the amount of vines growing on the Tardis he is either stuck inside or needs assistance somewhere in the forest and either way i will help the doctor.

And why people only like certain books!

What if every book you have ever read was really just blank, but filled with Psychic Paper. and you were reading only what you wanted to? WHOA THERE>>>>then why do my favorite characters die or the book takes a stupid turn<<<<

The TARDIS Is Out There

X-Files Poster with the TARDIS and it's true.I want to believe in the Doctor

Doctor Who - Tardis

"Ahhhh my two most favorite shows in one poster! X files & dr who! I can just see Fox Mulder tracking down the Doctor" I don't exactly watch X files, BUT THIS IS FANTASTIC