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Quotes Of The Day – 11 Pics

Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing the lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain. - Jack Kerouac Quotes Of The Day – 11 Pics

INFJ Personality Type ... Almost spit out my coffee!

What is an INFJ?

The INFJ has such strong intuitive capabilities, they trust their own instincts above all else. This may result in INFJ stubbornness and a tendency to ignore other people's opinions.

well we wouldnt be sociopaths, we are too organised. sociopaths are so rash and violent. psychopaths though....

I am a high-functioning INTJ; (This is funny because I am a sociopath too) <-- high-functioning INTJ.

yes! I feel as though so much gets lost in translation from what someone's intentions are when they say something to what is perceived/heard

INTJ - Do you understand? Alan Greenspan, King of pandering and double-speak.

Mea maxima culpa! Get the fun little book "Focuscrime" from http://productiveluddite.com/products/tpl-focuscrime-maxims-and-mantras-for-recovering-multitaskers-and-the-desperately-distracted


WE PURSUE BAD time management strategies like multitasking because we want to be productive. Unfortunately, the practice of multitasking invariably leads to ineffectiveness and inefficiency.

Raise the minimum wage. Give America a raise. You think the people who prepare your lunch, empty your trash,clean your homes and workplaces, stock the store shelves, ring up your groceries, are inferior humans who don't deserve to feed their families? You suck as a human being. But you're a perfect republiKKKlan khristian.

The Vicious Babushka on

Some politicians think that by eliminating the minimum wage, people will simply work for whatever companies will pay them. Just imagine NOT having all of "those" people around to do all the jobs no-one else wants to do