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Hand Guns

Great VFX on this. I totally saw the ending coming and still laughed.

Street Trials On A Vintage Bicycle

Mikael Dupont performing some Trials tricks with a vintage ladies bike.

Breaking News - Honeybaked Ham Store Closes

Brian Firenzi of 5 Second Films is junior cub reporter covering the closing of a Honeybaked Ham store that happened to be located in an area with lots of Hasidic Jews.

Michel And Sven - Trampoline Trick

Not their first visual effects rodeo. Very convincing!

Iron Man 3 Trailer Teaser

Sadly it's only seconds. On Tuesday you get the entire trailer. Love the Extremis armor.

Warped Tour Pit Trolling

When did mosh pit dancing turn into to

Okay let's be real the straw one is reasonable

Funny pictures about This Is Why My Son Is Crying. Oh, and cool pics about This Is Why My Son Is Crying. Also, This Is Why My Son Is Crying photos.

Time Lapse Engine Tear Down And Rebuild

Love that there's a few parts left over. Really cool video.