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I wore it till some girl pulled off my tail.....

I wore it till some girl pulled off my tail.

11 Feb 1950 - The Australian Women's Wee...

11 Feb 1950 - The Australian Women's Wee.

.:  three jamaican men on board the empire windrush arriving at tilbury docks (1948)  :.

June Jamaican Immigrants (left to right) John Hazel a 21 year old boxer,Harold John Roberts a 22 year old carpenter, arriving at Tilbury onboard the ex-troopship Empire Windrush,smartley dressed in zoot suits and trilby hats.

1975 Perfection Game

I totally blame my anxiety on this game i had as a child!

Barbie's in pink.

Pink Retro Barbies: too bad I cut their hair and pierced their ears with stick pins :( I used to have all the original Barbie clothing with zippers, tags etc.

Meghann Stephenson: The Girls You Hated In Highschool

Hairstyles for teen girls

1970s skipper - Google Search

Barbie's little sister. Look at her expression. Looks like she cut her own bangs then went out and stuck a firecracker up her cat's ass. Barbie screwed her up just like she did to the rest of us.

Barbie & Ken - Belong!

Barbie and Ken exactly my barbie and ken except dark hair for both.